Topps Series

FanOculars™ and Topps® have teamed up to offer a truly unique promotional product. This new series from FanOculars features a detachable trading card, officially licensed from the corresponding sports leagues. (Read Article)

TOPPS Series

Available Leagues: MLB, NFL, UCF, WWE

Available Players: Any player or athlete with a Topps card (contact FanOculars for a complete list)

Card Design
: The detached sports card is authentic from TOPPS. It is NOT a replica or redesign

Body Design
: Use team logos or other marks to the body of the FanOculars (or even a schedule)

: 3 weeks – 8 weeks (depending on volume) MOQ: 1,000 units

: Approximately $1/unit. Contact a dealer or FanOculars for volume discounts and specific pricing

: Contact a reseller or call FanOculars directly