Fan Periscope


Sports Periscope
The all new Fan Periscope has been designed and engineered by us, with the Fans in mind. The periscope comes in two sizes;  Full Size, which measures about 18-20 inches high and our Mini Periscope, which measures about 10 inches in height.   These fan friendly periscopes are made from a heavy ivory board and covered in a laminate coat to make them extra strong and water resistant.

Best of all, they can be custom designed in full color with any logos, marks or graphics, making them a GREAT PREMIUM item for any corporate sponsor.

Senior British Open - 1965

Senior British Open – 1965

We deliver the Fan Periscope in a flat package and can be easily assembled by the end user.  Delivering them in this manner allows for easy shipping and distribution.

Similar periscopes have been used at golf events in the past.  We’ve taken this concept to a new level with our durable construction, full logo printing and flat shipping.

U.S. Open - 1988

U.S. Open 1988

Please contact FanOculars, LLC for samples or a custom design.