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Select FanOculars models and designs are now available direct from FanOculars, LLC
Size: Approx 3” x 4” x 1” (opened)
Materials: Heavy Ivory Board with Acrylic Lens
Magnification: 3 -4 times
Printed: Custom Images – Digital Print Process

*All items are available for wholesale distribution, including custom POS displays and packaging. Please contact FanOculars directly for more details on their wholesale program.

Item: Mickey Mantle (licensed Product)

Price: $6.99 per item*

Description: Limited edition Mickey Mantle design officially licensed through Mantle Holdings, LLP. Limited quantities will be produced making these a must have collectable. This design features a unique image of The Mick, only available on FanOculars.

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Product Images

Item: Jupiter Lighthouse

Price: $4.99 per item*

Description: One of a kind images, captured by renowned photographer, Kim Seng. Enjoy the historic Jupiter Lighthouse with one of the most remarkable photos available.

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Product Images

Item: Yellowstone Wildlife

Price: $4.99 per item*

Description: America’s first national park with one of a kind images from Kim Seng of the America Bison and Yellowstone Coyote. Both images were taken directly in Yellowstone in 2013.

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Product Images

Item: Yellowstone Landscapes

Price: $4.99 per item*

Description: Discover the amazing landscape of Yellowstone NP through the FanOculars. Images include “Morning Glory Hot Springs”, “Old Faithful” and historic “Udine Falls”. All images were taken directly inside the park.

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Product Images

Item: Accidental Pervert – Off Broadway Play

Price: $4.99 per item*

Description: Now in its 5th year in New York City, The Accidental Pervert is one of NYC’s most successful and entertaining Off Broadway productions. These custom designed FanOculars features the infamous “pervert” caricature alongside the NYC skyline. A must have for any Broadway collector.

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Product Images

*Shipping on FanOculars is $1.75 per design, no matter how many you order.

All designs and samples are property of FanOculars, LLC and can only be used for viewing purposes. They are not be distributed, printed or
displayed in any manner, unless authorized in writing by FanOculars, LLC. All logos and trademarks are the property of
the respective team, league or business entity Designs are for display purposes only.



Contact FanOculars Direct


Add an element of exclusivity with
a Rare Mickey Mantle® image
on the FanOculars.


CPSIA & ASTM Certified

All materials are Recycled and Eco Friendly
All products shipped through C-TPAT partners
Meets Social Responsible guidelines
Fully CPSIA and ASTM Compliant

Compliance Certificate

Full Compliance Report